December 21, 2006

Christmas Delights

Merry Christmas Week! Below is a table runner I made from a Pat Sloan pattern. (I forgot the name) It looks perfect on my table. The berries are yo-yo's.

This is an ornament made from the Basic Grey Fruitcake line. I don't have a hangar on it yet, but I'm getting there. I love this paper.

This is a hooked rug star pocket I made last year. It is hanging on my grandfather's clock. I am going to try making some hooked rug book bindings...another New Year resolution!

I can't believe it is December 21st already! We are having Christmas this year in Virginia with our kids. They will travel from Ohio on Saturday. We are very excited to have them here. Yesterday, I spent all afternoon baking cinnamon rolls. I can truly say I have lost my touch for baking. They were not the best I've ever made. I am debating about tossing them out. This is not the best week. I woke up this morning to find out that one of my brothers is having heart surgery tomorrow. On top of all that, my hair dryer broke! Well, the still wet hair made me slow down a bit to update my blog while it air dries. Frizzy, frizzy! Surely it's fashionable somewhere!


Anonymous said...

Your Christmas decorations are lovely! Did you get a hairdryer for Christmas! Hope you brother is good and you had a wonderful Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Vivien, sorry if the above message just came out of nowhere - I thought I was commenting on someone elses blog. But I do think your decorations are lovely. Hope all went well for you at Christmas. Happy New Year!