January 7, 2007

It's January, already?

I can't believe how this month is flying by! I want to show you some pictures of our new grand dog, Barley. He is a boxer and quite adorable. I made him a fleece "blankie" with his initial embroidered on it. He went to sleep on it right away while he was visiting us here in Virginia. This is our son, Matt, holding Barley. Barley will eventually grow up to weigh around 85lbs, so it is good to get to hold him, now. We all took turns holding him and of course, we had to equally hold Betty, our Boston Terrier grand dog. She is now two years old and still adorable.


Anonymous said...

Barley is so cute. Oh, and so is Matt. --Susan C,

Anonymous said...

I agree with Susan, Barley is gorgeous, and Matt is quite handsome too!!