February 3, 2007

Saturday's Musings

Here I am this morning trying to get blogger to load pictures. If anyone is having trouble with seeing my pictures, let me know. I even reloaded the ones from yesterday and made them smaller. Also, you are suppose to be able to click on them to enlarge and sometimes it doesn't work. I hope it helps. Anyway, not a very pleasant start to a sunny Saturday morning here in Virginia.

The Starfish is another journal quilt I made a couple of years ago. It was in the International Quilt show at Houston and Chicago along with 8 more of it's siblings. The Starfish is wool, beaded and machine quilted. It reminds me of where I would like to be on this cold day in February. I made it because while walking on the beach one morning, my husband and I saw a starfish in the sand, still alive, washed up on shore. We stood by it so no one would step on it until it was washed back into the sea.
I saw the news this morning on the Florida destruction from the tornado. We have lots to be thankful for today. I often think about what would be most precious to me of my material things that I would want to save. I think it would be our family pictures, my children's artwork and a few quilts. Some of those people that were interviewed said they had nothing left...they couldn't even recover their precious memories. One lady said she grabbed her purse and checks and walked out through her wall that was already blown away. She was probably smart about that. Without your identification, it might be hard to get anywhere. At least it would here in the DC area.

Yesterday, I carved some really neat stamps! I plan to use them on some artwork that I hope to sell. Since most rubber stamps are copyrighted, you can't use them on items you want to sell. So, I hope to get the pictures of the stamps loaded later today if Blogger will cooperate with me, that is.
And, I love to read the comments, too...thanks! If anyone wants to post and you don't have a Google or blogger account, you can post anonymous but please leave your first name so I know who it is or if you have a blog, leave the URL so I can see your work, too. Happy Saturday!

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