August 24, 2007

This has been a very busy month for me. We leave for the beach early Sunday morning. After a week there, we will travel to Ohio to pick up our new puppy. We can't wait to see Emma. The breeder is the best ever. She emails me with pictures of Emma and keeps me informed of her health.

I always pack so much to go to the beach. Chairs, umbrella, hats, suitcases of "what if I need this?" stuff, etc. But it's all neatly packed and ready to put in the car. We also had to pack extra stuff for Emma. Can you tell I am excited to bring her home? I know it will be extra work, but worth it. I have been talking to Taylor (our cat) about Emma and she assures me she will love having a sister. They even have matching collars.

I plan to gather lots of beach treasures as the ocean gifts it to me daily. It's great to use on quilts and on quilted books. It's also great exercise to walk along the beach and pick up the shells. I hope to have a lot more quilts planned when I return. I'm taking my sketch book and camera. I do hope we have wonderful weather. The last time we went, we had to leave early due to a hurricane.

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