March 10, 2008

Journal Quilt

Mom & MeMom & me (detail)

This is a journal quilt I made using the theme of "What are you old enough to remember?" from the Take It Further Challenge. I found this challenge hard to start as it brings back too many memories. This quilt is a picture of my mom and I shopping. I remember we would always dress up for the trip to town. My mom sewed most of my clothes, thus the sewing notions attached to the quilt. I remember the sound of the taffeta full skirts swishing as I walked. The plaid fabric on the side and bottom are taffeta. I remember the photographer who would snap our picture on the sidewalk...this is one of those pictures. I'm so glad my mom bought this one! I remember her black and silver scissors which she used to cut fabric and paper dolls for me from a newspaper! I remember how much I wanted to sew and iron just like her. I did sneak to the ironing board one day to iron my doll clothes...I still have the scar where I sat the heavy iron down on my hand. It burned all night and she kept a bowl of ice water beside my bed to soothe it. I remember the large flower prints on our drapes which is similar to the background fabric in the quilt. OK, I could go on and on with remembrances but I must stop because I have to iron...ugh...I hate ironing! But I love sewing and cutting paper with my scissors!


The Carolina Quilter said...

I absolutely love this. I had something similar in mind for my Take it Further Challenge quilt and remember a picture of myself sitting on my grandparents' front porch on Hydrick Street but I looked for it at my Dad's and couldn't find it. That's what I wanted to do and now can't find that photo. This is beautiful and I'm sure brought back bittersweet memories.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Viv, I love this journal quilt. Beautiful colors and design. Lovely photo of you and your mom.

Dawn said...

I loved reading about how you made your quilt piece, and the picture of you and your mum is heavenly. I can hear the taffeta swishing too...amazing piece of writing describing your amazing piece xxx

Diane said...

Your blog is beautiful as are all your lovely creations. I am regretting not being in the frocks swap! The journal quilt is a real success. I love it.

Faye said...

I loved your journaling along with the quilt piece. I can just hear that taffeta sound! The colors are lovely.