April 30, 2007

I'm Home from California!

Beach at Santa Monica, CA
Santa Monica Pier

3rd Street Promenade

Malibu Beach

I got home really late on Saturday night. Yesterday was a catch up to the time adjustment. I think that will take a few more days, however. My hubby and I were in Santa Monica, CA visiting our daughter. We had a great time as she is the perfect hostess. She showed us all around the area. But the weather was cold! We wore sweaters or jackets most every day. The area is really beautiful and very interesting. We even spotted celebrities while out and about. We got to see dolphins jumping in the water while at the Malibu Pier. Unfortunately, I was sick the first two days there...we are now thinking it was a bit of food poisoning from some bad tomato juice on the Delta flight. (I might write more later on the crazy antics of my flight home on Delta. Unbelievable!) I stayed on in Santa Monica after my hubby flew home. I meant to post everyday while in California, but my laptop, Old Paint (a.k.a Old Yellar), didn't want to cooperate so I have lots to catch up on, some class assignments and other art quilt works due. Not to mention I have several little veggie and flower plants ready to plant in pots on my deck. More artwork tomorrow! I had a very relaxing time in California!

April 12, 2007

You have to be crazy to work here!

These are the new "inchies" I just finished for a swap. The theme is floral. I think it took me longer to make these than a quilt. The background is a base of watercolor paper. Then, I paint, collage using tissue paper, metallic paints and whatever happens to be on my work table at the time. (just kidding) But Taylor (my cat) likes to sit on the table now and watch me make these. As soon as I leave the room, they become hockey pucks for her. She is just too cute! Now, I have signed up for another swap, but fabric "inchies" with a color theme. I chose aqua. They have to be highly embellished with beads and goody things. I figured it will be a good thing to work on while I'm in California! Hooray! We leave in 8 days! OK, time to go do some laundry and iron some shirts (just in case hubby is reading). I have a really cool quilt top hanging on my design wall that I can't wait to finish. I'll try to take a picture tomorrow.

April 9, 2007

This was Fun!

After church on Easter, we went to Barnes & Nobles Book store. It was very exciting to see the books on the shelf! These are pictures my hubby took using his cell phone. It was really cool to see a book my artwork is published in actually at B&N's! I resisted buying another copy, but I may anyway. You can see my ATC is the one on the page with the circles. Just a fun moment to share with you.

April 5, 2007

Creativity Starters

This past week, I haven't done much with fabric. I needed to finish some deadlines for quilts but just couldn't get in the art mood. So, I turned to paper, cardstock, glue, etc. just to get an art start. I have found that when I get in a mood not to create with fabric, I make ATC's! Here are the pictures of several series I made in two days. And also some cards I just finished in a flash. I have been in a learning mode for the past several months since I am no longer working outside my home. I have studied tons of books, taken classes and experimented with my art. Making small projects when I need a jump start is one thing I have learned to do. After I make these ATCs (my creativity kick starts), I was able to concentrate on a quilt project, and today, I finished the background! I think the connection is having a finished project and these small works of art as I call them start my creativity for larger projects. On a funny note, I attended a business seminar today and when it was my "turn" to stand and state what I do, I said, "I'm a fiber artist"....talk about deer in headlights!! I actually had to explain what it was.

April 1, 2007

Dyed Tags

These are the shipping tags I recently dyed. I used Easter Egg dye...the tablets you melt in water. Someone on Stampers Corner Yahoo group suggested dyeing tags using the Easter egg colors so I decided to give it a try. I didn't use vinegar in any of them...just water. I also mixed some colors. It gives you a good way to use up Easter egg dye after the kids (or you) are finished dying their eggs. I will use these for tag books, ATCs, etc. I then heat set the dye by ironing them after they dried. These will probably get a coat of gel medium after they are collaged, etc. It was tons of fun as you can see in the picture, I just couldn't stop dying them.