June 17, 2008

Fabric Dyeing

I have been busy! Here is one of the things I have been doing...dyeing fabric. Actually, this is the third try for some of these fabrics. Seems I kept getting a gray or heather look after dyeing, so I would try again. This time, I got out my "Color By Accident" book and did the process a little different. I used Robin Egg Blue Procion MX Dye. I left it in the dye solution for about 15 minutes and then poured a soda ash solution over it and mixed. Then, I left it covered for two days. This is really what i was looking for...soft ocean colors. Some of the previously dyed colors that were grayed aren't so gray anymore. I can use them in the ocean series of quilts or in some landscapes. I don't know what caused the graying effect...if you have any ideas, let me know. Most of the fabric is Aurora Muslin and some is Kauffman PFD. I like the PFD better because it seems the colors were clearer than the Aurora. But it may just be this batch. I guess it's like baking cookies...some are OK and some are delicious. Hopefully, all the delicious fabric will be gobbled up in a new quilt. The bonus I got was all the dyed threads that tangle from the edges will make a nice material to couch.