September 5, 2006

Home from Ohio

We just returned from Ohio...had a great weekend with family and friends. Virginia had lots of rain from hurricane Ernesto. It rained all night and most of the morning. It is so nice to have the windows open to smell and hear the rain. It is very intoxicating.
I just tried to post some pictures of one of the art quilts I made. I am having trouble with the position of the text so I will have to work on that. Blogger did not publish my edit of the post so maybe when I learn more, I will publish the edited version. So, excuse the text out of line with the pictures for the moment.


Matt Mil said...

awesome blog!!! I love your quilts!! They are so yummy I want to eat them all up with a giant spoon. Check out my blog -- I put a link on their to yours!!!!!

Matt Mil said...

I meant to write "there" instead of "their". Sorry.

Old Guy said...

I am glad to see that expensive education was useful.