July 24, 2007

Hand Dyed Fabrics

Here are pictures of my first hand dyed fabrics. It was so much fun to do and it is a surprise as to what they will look like. I scrunched the fabrics into 1 qt. plastic containers and used two different colors in some of them. This all results in a batik-like, variegated look. I didn't make a mess at all! Taylor (our cat) is still the same color, not purple at all. I dyed half-yard pieces and now I have to go out today and buy more fabric! Most of these are the PFD fabric by Kauffman. I want to try muslin next time.
This is a closeup of one of the fabrics. It came out looking like a moth or butterfly!
I only used the three Primary colors to get all of this. It was fun trying to remember the color wheel and what to mix to get what.


Vicki W said...

These are all beautiful fabrics! I can't wait to get back to doing some fabric dyeing myself.

Dianna in Maui said...

Wow, Vivian - your first time! These look like they were done by an expert. You have a wonderful eye for color - and I LOVE the blue/green series. If you ever want to sell it, please contact me! Aloha!

Rose said...

Those fabrics are just gorgeous! Hard to believe these all came from three primary colors!

margaret said...

These are gorgeous - will you be able to cut into them??

Susan said...

Fabulous. The results look totally professional. You must be a really good teacher!

Debby said...

Super Gorgeous! I must try dying fabrics.

Lorraine said...

Beautiful beautiful fabrics!
This is one thing I AM NOT going to take on but it's so hard not to. I just keep buying them to keep from starting! And Im drooling over your gorgeous ones.