January 2, 2008

Do Something Creative Every Day

My New Year's resolution is printed on a mug that I found in a shop in Georgetown (DC area). "Do Something Creative Every Day" will be my motto this year. We have had a wonderful visit with our children. They fly back to California today and we will miss them terribly. I will have to light the fire on my creative muse and follow my new motto. I have several challenges to start and some to finish. We did so many things and explored DC this holiday season. So, I have lots of pictures to post later...But on to my bit of creativity I managed to squeeze in on New Year's Eve. Below is a picture of our grand dog, Betty. I made this little scarf for her. It has Velcro on it so it is easy to remove and she seems to really like it.

Betty Boop wearing her new scarf

Our creative daughter designed and made this dog sweater. Emma is modeling it here. We may start a new business designing doggy wear together.

Emma wearing her new sweater

One of my resolutions is to post pictures of my artwork everyday. After all, I will "Do something creative everyday".


Susan said...

You're off to an excellent start. Exploring DC always makes me want to dive into my studio and work, work, work. There are so many beautiful things in so many wonderful museums in DC. Have you ever been to Hillwood? It's a house museum (well, a mansion) that was the estate of the late Marjorie Merriwether Post. It's near Tenleytown...and it's one of the most decorative places on earth. I also totally love the recently renovated Portrait Gallery/American Museum of Art. It opens at 11 AM but stays open until 7 PM...so I tend to end up there when visiting DC.

Anyway, I do like your New Year's Resolution and will look forward to seeing each days photo and all the art you will be creating. Plus, I very much like the doggie sweater and think the idea of a business is great!

Vivian said...

Thanks for the comment, Susan. We love exploring DC. We will put Hillwood on our list to visit. The Renwick Gallery has a wonderful show of antique quilts at the moment.