January 8, 2008

Holiday Fun

The National Tree

Me & Vern at the Smithsonian castle

I have been busy creating for the past few days and failed to post my work. First, I will add a few pics of our wonderful holiday with our kids here in DC. On Christmas Eve, we hopped on the metro and did a walking tour of DC. I have loads of pics but will only show a few here. We all had such a wonderful time together. I think it was the best Christmas ever! We toured the Smithsonian museums, galleries and the decorated White House (well, outside the gate, of course). After dinner downtown, we went to see the National tree. I think we all thought, wow, big hair, big bows! I will say it wasn't the prettiest tree I have seen. Those new big red bows (lights) by GE were sort of gaudy. I would have chosen nice, white lights. How about solar powered? Let's save energy. On New years Day, we went to Georgetown. We decided to hike the unimproved trail in Deer Creek Park. How beautiful it is! It is amazing that it is in the middle of town.
Deer Creek Park in Georgetown

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