October 21, 2008

Finally, a New Post & New Work

Sunshine Dreams

I realize I took too much time off from my blogging! I have been designing and creating quilts, studying art theory and doing lots of reading. So, here is a very whimsical finish of a quilt that I did for my local art theory group. Below is a detail shot. I really should take a better photo, but it is now hanging at "The Artful Quilter" in Centreville. So, hopefully, this one will do for a posting. You can't see all the details, but if you look at the photo with all the challenge parts lying on my sketch pad below, you will see why I made it a "whimsical" quilt. Our challenge for the art theory group was to use all the parts in an art quilt. I used them all except for the feathers. There were beads, buttons, ribbons, papers, wire (which I curled and attached) and I can't remember all of it. I don't normally like to use so many embellishments so it did stretch my brain. I cut up as much as I could and added it to the sun which has a layer of tulle. I'm glad this one is done, my assignment is done and I can move on to things I really like.

Detail (the buttons and yarn were white and I painted them)

Challenge parts from art group

I'm currently working on a new design that I hope to finish up this afternoon and I will post tomorrow. I'm writing myself a post-it note to remind myself to blog tomorrow. I have to tell you about my adventure to the local yarn shop which involved AAA.

Fun Photo:

Here is a picture of Traci & Matt, our kids, at a petting zoo. Wow, they grew up fast! Now they are grown and out on their own.

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Susan Nash said...

Such cute kids!!
The little piggy is pretty darn cute too!