October 22, 2008

What to Do While Watching the Debates

My favorite yarn...Noro

Emma's new sweater (She's 16 mos now!)

Knit! I recently got interested in knitting again. So, I made a scarf (nice red wool tweed) and a new sweater for Emma. Her sweater is acrylic. The scarf was the first actual knitting project I ever finished. I find it very relaxing to have something to do while watching the debates or news or movies on TV at night. I don't like to do quilting when I watch TV as most of my quilting involves machine work. This weekend, we found a new to me yarn shop that is packed with the most delicious yarn!! Lots of hand dyed wool and lots to pet. As you can see in the picture below, I found some of my favorite which is Noro Kureyon, a Japanese yarn. It is 100% wool and comes in the most wonderful variegated colors. I so wish it were sold at AC Moore or Michaels as it is easier to get to those stores than the yarn shop in Vienna. Saturday, we went on an adventure looking for the yarn shop (Vern was driving). We found it after a beautiful detour in the country. He waited in the car (with his laptop) while I ran inside. When I came out, the car wouldn't start! This is a Honda Accord, only two years old! Never an indication that the battery was low, but yep, we were stuck. Not having our kids to call, we called AAA. I was expecting the traditional tow-truck driver with a cigar stuck in his mouth and all that goes with that scene after waiting an hour. But no, within 10 minutes of our call to AAA, a nice young man, probably college age, drove up in his nice car with a AAA panel on the side and gave the battery a jump. We were soon on our way to the dealership where we purchased a $new$ battery. Maybe the world has changed. We need more changes like that.

Yummy Yarn


Susan Nash said...

Love those yarns, and Emma, and I forgot to say how much I like your new piece...very bright and sun-shiney!!

HockeyKitten said...

Emma is adorable in her sweater. She will need it, too.

Vivian said...

Thanks! I need to make Emma a wool sweater now that winter is just around the corner. She's so cute wearing them. I am working on art quilts during the day and knitting at night. I sometimes fall asleep while knitting and watching TV and then I have to "tink" the next day (knit backwards...too many mistakes). :)

Anna said...

LOVE the sweater!! Almost makes my wish I could knit one for our Basenji, but I am so not a knitter.