December 1, 2008

Ladder #2 & Thanksgiving

Work-in-progress of Ladder #2
I have been creating art, but took a few days off for a nice Thanksgiving vacation in Ohio. Emma got to play with Maya & Barley, the Boxers. She got to be a dog for a few days and loved it! She slept most of the way back to Virginia and most of the day today. On the way there, we went through snow in the mountains as you can see in the picture below. On the way home to the DC area, it took us an extra three hours of was cold, rainy and foggy. The traffic was so thick, it was bumper to bumper, stop and go, on the interstate. I guess everyone decided to go home on Sunday night like we did. I almost got a scarf knitted in the car!
The work above is my Work-in-Progress of Ladder #2 with Ladder #1 beside it. I am using my stamp designs and sketches that I did way back in the warm months of Summer. (Summer sounds like such a nice word on a cold day.) I am also working on two quilts for shows that I can't post, yet. I will post more of Ladder #2 as I work on it.

Thanksgiving snow in the mountains

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Susan Nash said...

Lois Timmons said you should be "reprimanded" for coming to Ohio and not telling anyone!LOL
Cheryl and I "busted" you today....we check your blog!
You were very much missed.