December 11, 2008

Studio Views

Today, I thought I would take pictures of my studio just to document that it is sometimes, somewhat clean. So, this is where I create. I know you have seen other pictures of my studio, but this is a new arrangement. View from the door

View to the right of the door

Behind the curtain is my outside patio.
( BTW, Taylor cat is a great quilting cat )

Another View

Emma likes her little bed in the studio

OK, I'm off to sew!


Anonymous said...

Great space!!
Where'dga get that sewing table with the fold up side?? Pretty cool!!
Lovn Taylor and Emma...good studio assistants I presume....

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lots of great ideas! Gee... my cat must be the only one banned from his keeper's studio! It's his own fault... he sprays!

Kim Hambric said...

I love that beautiful, clean studio. I might just have to move on into it. I don't think I have visited this blog before. I love your style -- especially those ladder quilts.

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog.
Beautiful pictures.

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Keep blogging.
Happy holidays.

Vivian said...

Thanks for the nice comments! Susan, the quilting table is a Roberts...I bought it from the Bernina store in Amish country. Here is a link with a picture of the one I have: I miss shopping in Amish country!

Cheryl L said...

Vivian I love your new arrangement. Perhaps you'd like to come and rearrange mine:)? Susan has new space that we're all anxious to see. I'm having "new space envy" I think!!! Somehow I don't think Santa has a new space in his bag for me:( Emma and Taylor look like great sewing pals, since we human ones are so far away:( Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Very impressive room, good stuff.