July 20, 2009

New Quilt and What I have been doing

New quilt in progress

Layout on my design wall, WIP

We are just a metro ride to the Capitol

Begonia at Botanical Gardens in DC (love the Polka dots)

Me at Botanical Gardens in DC

Vern at Botanical Gardens in DC

Westmoreland State park in VA where we went hiking

George Washington's birthplace (1732) formerly known as Pope's Creek Plantation

Birthplace of George Washington right on the Potomac river

Squirrel at GW birthplace (compare this skinny little squirrel to the one below)

Squirrel on the National Mall (who stopped to pose for me as squirrels always do that)

Emma, having fun


Michelle said...

Love the quilt, Vivian! And Emma's so cute. That's one well fed squirrel!!!

Susan Nash said...

I love it!!! Did you do one in a 4x6 format? Were you inspired by those amazing begonias?? Inquiring minds need to know!
Both Emma and Vern are cute...you too.

Unknown said...

That one is coming along beautifully. Love it! Where's it going?

TB said...

Hi Vivian! I finally found your blog site again, as I sit here at the Toyota service perusing blogs. I like the work you are showing here with the leaves. Was your trip/hiking inspiration for this, or was it in progress before? I have been very busy since the E.Busch workshop at QSDS, but I have been making a 4x6 composition at least once a week, and usually more. I'm having fun doing these little pieces. Oh, my car is ready...gotta go. All the best.

Leah said...

those are some interesting dotted leaves. i love the quilting in your header - very cool!!

Vivian said...

Thanks, all, for leaving comments! The leaves were an inspiration from a photo I took while walking in the woods. Actually, the original photo was taken while looking up into the trees, but I decided to use a green background instead of the blue sky background. Also, the dots on the leaves were suppose to be the colors changing on the leaves. I think I was inspired by the Amazing begonias I saw at the Botanical gardens in DC to change the shapes to dots!