July 2, 2009

QSDS (Quilt Surface Design Symposium)

my board (above) with photos of my previous work and some new paintings
on day two (yes, the boards are bowed)

my board in the class on day seven

here I am getting ready for a presentation to the class
(I look so serious)

my friend, Susan Nash, and her board

QSDS was 7 wonderful and intense days of art composition, painting and fun! I took a master class with Elizabeth Busch. I highly recommend her as an instructor if you ever get to take a class with her. I came away feeling refreshed about my art work. I can see me going in an almost different but better direction with my art. This class really made me think about composition, color and how to better interpret my designs in fabric. I ended up putting away the two pieces I had planned to work on and started a new design. The board shows my paintings and some pieces of the new work. I got to room with my good buddy, Susan Nash, who is a very talented art quilter and always inspires me. Each day, we did little 4" x 6" studies on index cards...the designs aren't in these photos. I will save those for a later time when they are made into quilts.

It's good to be back home, but it was nice to be in an artist environment for a while. (no cleaning, no cooking and big, fat chocolate chip cookies or cheesecake at each meal).

Check back tomorrow...I will have some details of the paintings.


Nina Marie said...

Vivian - ohhh you did some great work! Are you going to take those pieces and use them further or are they standing alone as is? I'm getting ready for Quilting by the Lake and seeing your work gets me all excited! I saw both yours and Susan's work at Sacred Threads and said - wow! thanks for sharing

Cheryl L said...

You guys really did work! (in spite of those other photos I saw!:) Looks like LOTS of fun and new inspiration too!