September 15, 2009

Machine Quilting designs and Other Important Stuff

I have been thinking of making a whole cloth quilt using some of my machine quilting motifs. I keep samples of machine quilting designs and stitches (each about 12" sq. or so) pinned together. When I can't decide what stitch to use, I quickly flip through them to find something I want to use on a particular quilt. Lots of times, I start to quilt and end up with a totally different design. The design above is done on muslin using yellow thread. My inspiration for designs usually come from nature. There are so many intricate lines and curves and swirls in leaves and flowers or even the bark on a tree. I must get back to work on my art this week.
When I was in California, I bought Emma a yellow rain slicker at an Old Navy store. She looks so cute in it and even got to wear it once. This is a picture of her dad taking her out in the rain. (He reluctantly did so because any dog dressed in clothes is embarrassing to him). LOL! But she wore it and never tried to pull it off. She loves to wear her sweaters in the winter, too.

And if you can't get enough Emma pics, here she is in our back yard at our other house in Columbus, OH. It's a huge back yard and has a fence. She loves to run and chase her ball. I do miss having a back yard this house, there is no fence and it's very small. So, we call the house in Columbus our country house.


Susan Nash said...

Miss Emma looks very stylish in her new duds!
Love the quilting too.

Vivian said...

Thanks! and Emma says "Thank you", too!

Ruth said...

Been catching up on blogs - just wanted to say that I really love the flower quilting in this post. Amazing!

And Seasons Greetings!