February 12, 2010

Snow Dyeing & The Blizzard of 2010

Snow Dyed Fabric
After pouring the dye over the fabrics

As you know, we got blasted with the Blizzard of 2010 as they are calling it here in the DC area. I spent a lot of time just watching it snow, watching movies and snow dyeing (not to mention shoveling). I have posted some pictures of some of my fabrics. It was so much fun! The neighbors probably think I'm crazy, for sure...running out on the deck and scooping up snow in buckets. Here is how I did it: I soaked fabric in soda ash water (about 20 minutes) and then squeezed the liquid out as much as possible. I placed them in little white tubs, packed snow on top and poured the dye over the top. I just guessed on dye amounts...usually 1-2 teaspoons per cup of water. Then I placed a clear garbage bag on top (so I could watch it) and set them aside until the next day...about 24 hours. Then, I rinsed, washed, dried and ironed. No salt involved in the dye because I didn't want to use up the dye the first day so I could make another batch the next day. It was fun and if I want to try it again, I think the snow will be here for a while.

Emma looking out the garage and wondering how she can go out in that. This is after shoveling 3 times that day!

Vern shoveling snow below and a view of our street during the blizzard.


Anonymous said...

Nice mottling on the snow dyes - love the mustardy looking one and the green is pretty darn nice, too.

Any plans for these yet?

Norma Schlager said...

Thanks for the tutorial. Your results are lovely. I'm going to try it today