October 19, 2011

Purple Meadow Rue

Purple Meadow Rue
30" x 30"

Purple Meadow Rue is a wildflower that is used in the production of anticancer drugs.  I made this for a special cancer survivors exhibit at a local hospital.  It will also travel to Auburn for an exhibit later on.  This piece has special meaning for me as I lost my mom to cancer over 28 years ago.  If only a treatment were available then to help her.  It is my hope that the viewers of this quilt see the peace and hope that I want it to convey.  It is machine appliqued, machine quilted and I used fabric paints.  The Purple Meadow Rue is not an easy flower to depict in fabric.  It sometimes grows 6 feet tall with long, purple stalks.  

1 comment:

Mary Couch said...

This is a stunning art quilt. I love the way you used so many different pieces of batiks for the hills... or is it different sections of one batik? The effect is soothing and beautiful.
Hugs from Mary