October 23, 2006

Taylor Helps in the Studio

Here are the ATCs (altered trading cards) we made today:

This is Taylor. She is lying on the floor in my studio waiting for me to throw her mouse. She does like to give her opinion now and then on what I create. Today we decided to make some ATCs (altered trading cards). Taylor is a big fan of Quilting Arts magazine. If you want to make some ATC's, go to the Quilting Arts blog . Patricia Bolton has great instructions (March 2006) for making some beautiful ATCs on the blog. So, I thought I would give it a try. The ones I made today are made with cardstock as the base and I used glue instead of Wonder-Under. Usually, I make ATC's with fabrics but not this time. I even got to use my Dr. Ph Martin watercolors! Careful not to squeeze the dropper too hard!...don't ask. It only takes a tiny drop of the Dr. Ph Martins to go a long way! But, not a problem, I always wanted purple spots on my cutting mat.

This is the tool that I use to audition where I want to cut. I got it at a workshop I took at European Papers in Columbus, OH.

I think this one is my favorite. It still needs some ribbon or yarn. What I love about these is that each one is different.

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Anonymous said...

Taylor looks just like my cat, Hula!!