November 9, 2006

A Quilty type of Day

"Lake Ouachita"
This is a picture of one of my journal quilts. It is the lake where we would go on family picnics as a child. I miss making these journal quilts.

Today, I went to G-street fabrics for quilt club. It is always nice to see the creations of others. The manager from the Falls Church store showed us his quilts and they were very inspiring as he is an art quilter, also. I also found some fabric by Loni Rossi that I really, really love! ( My friend, Susan, would love it, too!) I do miss my job at the quilt shop in Ohio. I have been having quilt shop withdrawals. So, today, I treated myself to some fabric. (Yes, it is quite a shock when you have to pay full price for it). This area in Virginia has some nice quilt shops which I will eventually find, I'm sure. It's just so hard to NOT get lost when I try to find my way around here. As most of you know, I am not very good at directions.

As I was wandering through my Photshop photos, I found some more pictures of a few of my Journal quilts. I can't think of the name of this one at the moment but it is one in a series that I designed. The three circles represent the trinity. The bit of gold at the top is the sun, the aqua is the sky, purple for mountains, pink for flowers and people, the green is the earth and blue for the sea.
So, hopefully tomorrow, I will do some real-time quilting!

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