November 7, 2006

Voting, Quilts, a Cat and ATC's

This is a cute picture of Taylor lying on the back of the sofa, on a quilt, of course! She loves quilts and doesn't prefer one over the other. She would just as well lay on an all white whole cloth, hand quilted one or this homespun fabric, machine made one...What ever Taylor wants.

This is where I would prefer to be this the beach, Ocean Isle Beach, NC is preferable, actually...but alas, here I am in Virginia.

This morning, before daylight, we voted in the mid-term elections! It always feel good to do my part. Of course I won't tell you how I voted, but I think tonight's news will be interesting to say the least. In Ohio, we had the punch ballots (you know, the hanging chads). Here in VA, we just used a marking pen and filled in the ovals and then a machine scans it. Ok, I will admit that this post is soon to get boring so I will change the subject.

Our sweet cat, Taylor, is getting very comfortable with her new home now. If she hears us turn over in the bed at 3 am, then it's time to throw mouse! And of course I do! She always has one in reserve somewhere. She has taken over my Horn sewing chair in my studio as a daytime bed. She sleeps or gazes at the leaves blowing around outside. Of course that is the reason I haven't been sewing lately. Taylor has claimed my chair. Mouse has to sleep on the floor. Taylor is so much fun!

I went to Houston to Quilt Market last week with a group of my friends. It was so much fun! The quilts were amazing!! Quilt Market is so huge, so many vendors! I got to meet Pat Sloan (we shop at the same Target!), Amy Butler and Patricia Bolton. They are so nice! I did get inspired to come home and make quilts! I got some wonderful hand dyed wools and new books.

My scanner pooped out this week and doesn't like my computer or I think it's my computer being snobby to an old relic of an HP. So, I have to take pictures of my artwork outdoors where the light is good.

These are 4 new ATC's that I have completed. I like using new techniques. I have some more to take pictures of but it's too cold outside this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Your beautiful cat Taylor looks exactly like my beloved Simon who was 20 years old when I had to put him to sleep this last June. I was so tickled to see his "virtual twin sister" on your blog. Suse