April 5, 2007

Creativity Starters

This past week, I haven't done much with fabric. I needed to finish some deadlines for quilts but just couldn't get in the art mood. So, I turned to paper, cardstock, glue, etc. just to get an art start. I have found that when I get in a mood not to create with fabric, I make ATC's! Here are the pictures of several series I made in two days. And also some cards I just finished in a flash. I have been in a learning mode for the past several months since I am no longer working outside my home. I have studied tons of books, taken classes and experimented with my art. Making small projects when I need a jump start is one thing I have learned to do. After I make these ATCs (my creativity kick starts), I was able to concentrate on a quilt project, and today, I finished the background! I think the connection is having a finished project and these small works of art as I call them start my creativity for larger projects. On a funny note, I attended a business seminar today and when it was my "turn" to stand and state what I do, I said, "I'm a fiber artist"....talk about deer in headlights!! I actually had to explain what it was.


Anonymous said...

Love all your cards. Can't believe they were quick to make. They're beautiful.

sewslo said...

Love your Studio Threads.
Everything is beautiful

Wenche said...

I love your cards. They bring some new ideas to me as well.