April 30, 2007

I'm Home from California!

Beach at Santa Monica, CA
Santa Monica Pier

3rd Street Promenade

Malibu Beach

I got home really late on Saturday night. Yesterday was a catch up to the time adjustment. I think that will take a few more days, however. My hubby and I were in Santa Monica, CA visiting our daughter. We had a great time as she is the perfect hostess. She showed us all around the area. But the weather was cold! We wore sweaters or jackets most every day. The area is really beautiful and very interesting. We even spotted celebrities while out and about. We got to see dolphins jumping in the water while at the Malibu Pier. Unfortunately, I was sick the first two days there...we are now thinking it was a bit of food poisoning from some bad tomato juice on the Delta flight. (I might write more later on the crazy antics of my flight home on Delta. Unbelievable!) I stayed on in Santa Monica after my hubby flew home. I meant to post everyday while in California, but my laptop, Old Paint (a.k.a Old Yellar), didn't want to cooperate so I have lots to catch up on, some class assignments and other art quilt works due. Not to mention I have several little veggie and flower plants ready to plant in pots on my deck. More artwork tomorrow! I had a very relaxing time in California!

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