April 9, 2007

This was Fun!

After church on Easter, we went to Barnes & Nobles Book store. It was very exciting to see the books on the shelf! These are pictures my hubby took using his cell phone. It was really cool to see a book my artwork is published in actually at B&N's! I resisted buying another copy, but I may anyway. You can see my ATC is the one on the page with the circles. Just a fun moment to share with you.


Sue B said...

Congratulations! You know I've done the same thing myself - I've gone to the bookstore to find a magazine that I've been published in. There's something about standing in a bookstore and flipping through to find the page that you're on that's different than doing it at home. Kudo's to you for getting published in that book, your ATC looks fab!

Anonymous said...

How cute and proud you look!!! Good job Vivi!!
Hvae fun with Tracy in Santa Monica

Cheryl L said...

Hey Vivian--Congrats! I even have the book--so you'll have to autograph it for me next time you're in town. We REALLY miss you!