February 7, 2008

Clay Buttons & Charms

Today, I played with air-dry clay and polymer clay. The first picture is the ones I stamped and shaped out of Creative PaperClay. The picture shows them drying on a piece of paper. When they are dry, I will paint them and use them on my quilts. These are polymer clay buttons I made and painted with Lumiere paints.

This pewter one is my favorite.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Very cool! I still cherish the buttons you made me...saving them for something very special.
You make me want to run out and try this.

Lelia said...

fabulously interesting! Job well done

TB said...

would "Air Dry Poly" be a special poly clay that one can buy? I love poly clay, but can't stand the baking process, so I've abandoned it. If there is a product that does not have to visit the oven, that would be so wonderful! Nice work!

Vivian said...

Thanks! I purchased the air dry clay at Michael's. It is called Creative PaperClay. I also read somewhere that Crayola makes an air dry clay that is just as good. I think it can be purchased at Target or other stores that sell crafts.