February 8, 2008

Painted Clay Creations

I couldn't think of a title for this post, but maybe it's because I'm listening to a Sci-Fi book on my MP3 player as I type. I love mysteries and this mystery turned out to be a Sci-Fi, too.

This picture is after the air-dry clay dried (the next day) and was painted. First, I just used regular acrylics, but it seemed to rub off. So, I used the Lumiere paints (dry brush) and they really adhered. You may see these little buttons and charms in various future quilts. My favorite is the rectangle one with star fish (of course).
The long leaf near the top is from a stamp that I carved from an eraser. On the flip side of the eraser, I carved a flower. That's another fun thing to do. I have a bunch I carved from wine corks, though I don't know where I got the wine corks : )

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