February 13, 2008

Winter Storm

We are currently having a winter storm like a lot of the country. What to do when you are stuck inside? Well, I am crocheting when I'm watching the news or American Idol. (Yes, I'm an AI fan) My daughter and her friend are crocheting so much in California that I have caught the fever, too. This is going to be a throw for the family room sofa. Emma really likes to lay on it while I'm trying to work on it. She is all into staying warm during these icy days. As you see in the picture below, she is all snuggled up in her little bed in my studio. She will be 8 months old on friday!
I also made a card today for my Valentine. Isn't it sweet? I hope he doesn't read this blog today before I give it to him.
We had a great 35th anniversary this past weekend. I always get a card and I've saved all 35 of them. Hey, pretty soon they will be vintage!

I'm currently working on the cutest paper doll dresses! I'll post them when I'm done. I still love paper dolls.


Susan said...

Many, many heart-felt congratulations on your recent anniversary. Your card carries the spontaneity of youth, the sincerity of life, and the nostalgia that is forever and forever...happily ever after. Again, congratulations!

Faye said...

Congratulations on your 35 years. I love the heart valentine.

Vivian said...

Thank you! When we got married, we weren't thinking about Valentine's Day, so our colors were peacock blue, which is sort of an aqua. It never occurred to us to use reds,pinks and hearts at our wedding. LOL!