May 7, 2008

Almost Connected

"Almost Connected"


While looking at on-line pictures of a current quilt exhibit, I saw a quilt that reminded me of my quilt, "Almost Connected" (Sold), that I made in February, 2005. So, I perused my Adobe Photoshop Elements and found the picture I had taken. I was really into circles at that time. I think I may make another one because I liked it so much. I made it for the "Keiko and Friends" exhibit by Laura Wasilowski. It's posted on this website with the other art quilts if you want to take a look. There are some wonderful quilts there to inspire you. Sometimes, it's nice to be reminded of the good things you made in the past.

I just finished cleaning out my studio closet. Someone could write a book on studio closets. Mine is actually a bathroom to be...meaning all the waterworks pipes and vents are there. But if I turn it into a bathroom, where would I put those necessary things like board books (I may alter them one day), latch hook rug canvas (it makes a cool stencil), empty heart-shaped valentine candy boxes (I saw something somewhere on the web for turning them into something), boxes of Easter egg dye (it dyes tags and other things), and other necessary items? I did use my label maker and labeled the clear stacking drawers and containers. One nice thing I did let go of was all my old quilt magazines (some from the 90's!). I just tossed them all in the recycle bin. I won't let go of my Quilting Arts or Cloth, Paper, Scissors. There is always an article or two that I re-visit in those publications. Maybe I have Spring fever.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vivian

Almost Connected is beautiful, love it. What illustrious company you are in with this show ! It was fun to view, thanks for the link.

I think it is perfectly ok to hold on to treasures in the sewing room , one never knows what the creative muse will require next, but valentine boxes seem highly likely !
Linda [SE group]

Sue said...

It's a dilemma, if I keep all the little crafty parts & pieces they can really pile up, but I really tend to use most of those items eventually. I'm curious what those Valentine boxes were used for....

Doreen Kinkade said...

I love the Almost Connected. The colors are gorgeous. I also have a hard time parting with things, but I need cut pare down to make room for my new interest.