May 2, 2008

Stencils...and Masks

This pear stencil, of a photo I took, was cut using freezer paper. I then ironed it to canvas and painted the pear using Golden fluid acrylics. Then, I masked it and sprayed the background with Tsukineko's Walnut Inks and added more Goldens. I machine quilted it and then added a binding. The tag is painted canvas and stamped. Above: The pear stencil

This one is done on canvas, also. It is a mask of my beach bird taken from one of my photos. The background is painted with Golden Fluid acrylics and I added some swirl stamps. Then I place the mask over it and sprayed it with the Tsukineko Willow Walnut Ink. (Thus the green bird mask below, which actually gives me more ideas as I love green birds). I don't know what I will make from this piece, maybe a journal cover.

Too cute green beach bird...wouldn't it be cool if God made some real ones this color? : )


StegArt said...

I love how your pear turned out.

TracyB said...

LOVE your pear! Keep wanting to make some pear artwork for my kitchen, unfortunately, there are so many ideas in my brain and not enough time to do them all.

windy angels said...

I too love the pear. Thanks for telling us how you did these.
Green birds - Hmmm - me thinks you must love the colour green. Mine would be purple. Great creation by you(: