November 5, 2008


Because we will now have changes for the better in the USA, I thought of what changes I could make in my own life. Wow, too many to list here. So, I thought of what changes I can make in my art life. It's a long list too, but hopefully it will inspire me to make more art. Speaking of inspiration, I am taking a class, Mixed Media with Paper and Cloth at Joggles from Jane LaFazio. I have taken classes with Jane before and always am inspired to keep creating. Below are the backgrounds I created for this class from untreated artist's canvas. I bought it at G-Street fabrics, but most any fabric chain sells it by the yard. I didn't bother to pre-wash it, just tore it to 10" x 10" pieces. I hung it up to dry. (An indoor clothesline would be nice, but I hung them from baskets sitting on my shelves.)

These are made from artist's canvas, painted and stamped with Golden Acrylics, Golden's Acrylic Glazing liquid and the "other" acrylics which you can buy for less than $1. I even used some of the stamps I carved which you see in the photo below. The large circle is the lid from a baby food jar dipped in paint. It's easy to machine stitch on this canvas, too, which will come later in the class when we build collages. Tomorrow, I will post the ones I painted and stamped on 140# watercolor paper, so stay tuned for more fun creations. You can stitch on paper, too.


Margarita Korioth said...

your backgrounds are lovely.


Jane LaFazio said...

lovin those stamps too!

Pat said...

I absolutely love these backgrounds. I love painting and am really inspired to make some backgrounds on fabric now. I have done it on muslin, but not on canvas. Can't wait to experiment!
The class sounds awesome!