June 10, 2010

Machine Stitching...new work

I have been remiss in posting my new work. I'm hoping to get back on track. This is one of my latest ocean scenes. I have been dreaming of going back to the beach lately, but it seems to be a busy time for us. I have my memories of the ocean and this art piece is composed of those memories. I always feel so refreshed after a trip to the beach. I love to watch the tide roll in and wash away the footprints in the sand.

This art quilt is raw edge applique and machine quilted. I painted the sky fabric using SetaColor paint.
I recently attended QSDS in Columbus, Ohio where I took a class taught by Rosalie Dace. She is an excellent teacher and I came away with lots of new ideas for creating texture. I don't usually use embellishments such as buttons, beads and hand embroidery in my art, but Rosalie also showed us how to use the sewing machine to get texture. We learned to use a twin needle for quilting and many more useful skills. I got to take the class with my good friend, Susan, who is so talented with her hand stitching and embellishments. Susan recently posted on her blog about staying true to your heart in creating our art. I must say that I have found that machine stitching and machine quilting is what I love. I did try to do hand stitching while at QSDS and knew I was going "against the grain". It just didn't feel right! I say if it doesn't feel right, then your heart isn't in it. It made me think of learning to sew when I was a little girl. My mother taught me and it wasn't hand stitching, she set me at the machine and taught me to sew. And when I think about it, I never saw her do any handwork...only machine work. She made her living by using the machine. It makes me feel good to realize that I am my mother's daughter after all.


Barb Forrister said...

It's a beautiful piece Vivian. Thanks for sharing.

Amy Munson said...

Beautiful landscape. I really like raw edge applique, I have a few landscapes that I need to finish.

Carole said...

Beautiful! Wow... how did I miss all these posts? Good work, looking forward to seeing more.. and thank you for saying you have new work to see.

Susan Nash said...

'bout time you updated!!!
LOVE the seascape...it looks like a painting.

LissaBee Creations said...

Hi, Vivian! I'm just flying in from Kelly's e-course to say hi. Your work is gorgeous! I love art quilts. They remind me of a beautiful one I had the opportunity to buy when I lived in Australia of kangaroos hopping across the Outback. I could kick myself for not buying it!

Where in VA are you? I live in Leesburg.

Have a wonderful day.


Vivian said...

Thank you for the nice comments! I do enjoy machine stitching!