July 3, 2010

Another Landscape...

Ocean Scene 2

I just finished this one...well, almost...it still needs a facing. I am also deciding that I may crop some of the sky to make it a more balanced composition but the verdict is still out on that one. This piece has some "thread painting" that I added for the crest of the waves. I also did a bit of painting on this one. I like to keep the painting subtle so it blends with the fabrics. Since it's Summer, I must be thinking of the beach (as you can see in the previous post) ...I have a few unfinished pieces on my design wall that are trees that need to be finished. But, the ocean and beach have captured my creative muse at the moment.


Susan Nash said...

Love it!!

Diane Perin said...

Hi – I couldn't find your email address quickly but I wanted to let you know that the Artful Quilters Blog Ring has moved. We’d love to have your blog move to the new ring! You can read about the details here: http://goingtopieces.blogspot.com/2010/07/artful-bloggers-ring-moving-follow-us.html
Thanks! Diane