May 3, 2011

The Sketchbook Project 2011 DC Tour

 What a wonderful time I had viewing my sketchbook and others at the 2011 DC Tour.  It was at the Hillyer Art Space on a very rainy Saturday afternoon.

I also happened to be very sick with an acute sinus infection, but my hubby dangled fabric and paint brushes in front of me and off we went to catch the metro for the event.  (Even though I felt so bad I am extremely glad I did not miss it.)  When we entered, I was given a bright blue sticker that said "Participating Artist".  The gallery was packed!  There was a waiting line for people acquiring the library cards (necessary to check out a sketchbook to view) and a waiting line for checking out the books.  All the books have a bar code on the back so they know who checks out what and how many times a book is checked out.  (As you see, they use Macbooks : )  

 Here is one of my favorite pictures...this is Susan Nash's book on the left and mine is the red one on the right.  Ahhhh, viewing Susan's book was like a visit with my bff!  She is so talented!  The pears on the front of mine is a picture of one of my quilts.
I also viewed Gerrie Congdon's book.  Her book was so hubby thinks the same muse visits us...we both like trees.
As you see below, the sketchbooks are in these carts.  We were so impressed how very organized and professional it all appeared.  It was a first class show!  Don't miss it if it comes to your area!

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