March 2, 2007

"Getting There"

This quilt is "Getting There". It represents my move and all the strings attached to it. The background is painted canvas from a class I took at QSDS. The circles are fused and machine stitched. Of course there are the beads that seem to appear on all my quilts.

Thanks to everyone that posted comments to Taylor and her quilting. Today she is happily sitting at the sliding glass doors to my studio watching "her" birds and chirping at them. One bird has even built a nest under the neighbor's deck that she can watch. I am going to buy a bird feeder for Taylor so she can have lots of birds to watch. A small payment for such a great art quilter.

I am working on a new quilt today. I bought some buttons around 5 years ago and have been waiting for the perfect time to use them. The class I am taking at Quilt University , "Self-Expressions" is really making me face the challenge of using what I have and why I don't use it. I have lots of "stuff" to work with here in my studio. I am also learning to use a timer when I work. I find I spend more time trying to make a decision, mostly changing my mind throughout the process only to realize I haven't progressed on the piece. If I give myself a limited time to say, choose the fabrics, then I can actually get on with the work. And I usually find I go back to my first decision anyway. OK, off to do some work. I may make a couple of ATCs to awaken my inner artist.


Anonymous said...

Oooooooo! This is going to be striking.

Anonymous said...

It IS striking!!!!!
Susan N

McIrish Annie said...

The timer is a great idea!! I do the same thing, spend endless amounts of time hemming and hawing over fabric, which thread, this stitch or that?? And like you I often go with my first pulls of fabric, first thoughts, instincts. I think the timer would put a lid on OVERTHINKING and more EXPRESSING would get done.

Definitely going to give that a whirl!!
BTW, getting there is definitely THERE!!

Samantha said...

Love the composition in this piece, and the colors as well!

Matt said...

beautiful quilts!! You should start a business I think you'd be rich!