March 30, 2007

Where did March Go?

It seems like March just roared in and now it's almost gone! Yikes! I am behind in projects with a deadline. They are currently WIP. So, today I will add a picture of my first genuine art quilt. This one is "Trinity". I still love it and in fact have duplicated it. The version shown here is the journal quilt I made a few years ago. (sorry, not such a good's not really as crooked as it appears) It was displayed in Houston and in Chicago. Here is the interpretation of the quilt: The gold at the top represents the sun, next layer is the mountains, next, the flowers, trees, etc., then the soil of the earth and then the oceans. The three circles are the trinity which has reign over all the universe. It is machine quilted. There are beads on the circles. Ok, now to get busy again!

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