May 24, 2007

"Here Comes The Sun" Journal Quilt

This one has fantasy fabric as the center of the sun. Fantasy fabric is bits of beads, yarn, fabric bits, buttons, etc. all caught under a layer of bridal tulle. Then, it is stitched around the edges to hold it in place. The bits and pieces move when you shake or move the quilt so it can be interesting. I named this "Here Comes the Sun" because it is almost summer, my favorite time of year. This year, we will take a beach vacation and that's my favorite place to be. The ocean brings new treasures to me everyday. Serendipity.


McIrish Annie said...

Your studio looks so awesome!! who wouldn't love to walk in there and get creative??

I love "here comes the sun" and the fantasy fabric idea!!

as always your work inspires!

Anonymous said...

"Here Comes The Sun" is beautiful. I love you studio. Sorry I haven't written. Will write soon.