September 26, 2007

Hand dyed Blues

I've got the blues...hand dyed, that is... Here is a picture of a few of the blues I dyed yesterday. No blue cat or dog, either! I needed a variety of sky blues for my ocean scenes so I lucked out and got these nice pastels. I felt like a mad scientist in my kitchen measuring dye in little pots to get just the right combination of color. I also dyed 7 yards of other colors yesterday. I will get pictures posted of those. Really cool! The nice thing about dyeing is all the threads you collect from the pieces can be used to embellish other fiber art work. I just toss them in a drawer and combine them with others. They can be couched using the machine or by hand.


Anonymous said...

awesome custom fabrics!! How can I purchase some? Do you seel any of your work? You are very talented.

Vivian said...

Thanks for the nice comment. I don't currently have anything for sale, but maybe in the near future.