September 27, 2007

More Hand Dyed Fabrics

Here are pictures of the ones I dyed yesterday. I also included some close ups of two of them. Now to do something with them! I am currently working on a border for the beach scenes I posted a few days ago. Thank you to everyone who posted nice comments on my fabrics. I really appreciate it. I now have to order more fabric so I can dye some more. I must get back to the sewing portion of my art.
I have so many ideas of art in my head that I can't seem to find time to create even a small portion of it. That's because I don't know what to start on next. Does this happen to anyone else?


DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Very pretty!

Grace said...

This happens to me all the time , too much going on and can't decide which project to start or which one to complete.

Drives me so batty sometimes that I just figure those times are for me to recoup, slow down and read or draw or be with kids.

Great looking fabs, by the way. I too have a bunch of PFD ready for my day of dyeing.