October 17, 2007

Finished Quilt


Here is the story of "Cover-Up": While digging through my bin of scraps, I found this small quilt top, unfinished. It is a quilt I had made in a class. By using colors, it was suppose to be my representation of a famous person. But it did not look like my original because the center of the quilt had been "covered up" by strips of fabric. The real center is a "black mark" or black strip of fabric that represented a dark time in the famous person's life. By being the charismatic person he was, he recovered and people still liked him, though not as many. Here's the comedy: While critiquing my work, the teacher pointed out that the shape of the black mark might be interpreted as "something else" due to what the famous person had done. She very kindly suggested I might want to cover it up just in case. Well, of course I wasn't thinking anything like that when I made it but it did make for a few laughs. So, I just quickly grabbed fabric, cut and fused it over the black mark. When I recently uncovered it, I didn't realize that I had unintentionally cut out a "cross" as you see in the picture. So, it turned out much better than the original and has more meaning for me as a positive thing. I machine quilted it and I really like it, now. A few cover-ups are sometimes a good thing. Hmmm...I wonder what else is lurking in that bin of scraps! : )


Anonymous said...

I like it!!! Still amazed that she would want it covered up---doesn't seem very artsy

Michelle said...

Vivian, this is really nice. The quilting is great and I love the fabric you chose for the border (hints at the black mark hiding underneath, even though you would never know it is there). The story to go with it is great - you should put it on a label. Michelle

Jane LaFazio said...

So, is it me who is dense? WHO is the famous person???