October 10, 2007

WIP-Revised Landscape Quilt

This is my revised version of the previous landscape post. After seeing it on my blog, I realized it was missing something! I needed a body of water in it and this is the result. I took out the lower part of my previous stitching and will finish stitching this one and call it done. I like this version much better. I have some yummy threads I got at QSDS earlier in the summer that are begging to be a part of this quilt. OK, back to stitching...hopefully, I can finish it today, get it posted and start another! I appreciate any comments.
Here is what Emma did while I was revising the landscape quilt. She slept under my feet. She was all worn out after playing. Emma likes to be held and rocked to sleep in my computer chair all wrapped in a little quilt which is what I am doing at the moment. Just a little hard to type sometimes. : ) Yes, she is spoiled. : ) She will be 4 months old on Monday.


Plain Jane said...

oh yea, the body of water is a wonderful addition--but more importantly, what does Princess Emma think?? :-)

Clevelandgurlie said...

Sweet Emma. I have two corgis - one of which is a cuddle bug, too. Just like rocking a baby - a little furry baby. I love your pup -- but oh yea, I do love your quilting to. Beautiful work - and your workspace - absolutely fabulous (and neat!!)