October 10, 2007

Work -In-Progress Quilt

This is my WIP landscape I created from the class, Art Quilt Exploration, taught by Jane LaFazio. I really liked making this one. Now, I have all sorts of ideas floating in my right brain. I have started the stitching and will post the finished version today. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement for hand stitching. It was very relaxing, in fact, I fell asleep while stitching the first night. LOL!

We spent the weekend in Ohio helping to install a fence at our son's house (our former home). Their dogs think it's a dog park, now. Emma had a great time and actually got dirty for the first time! She had a ball playing with Mya and Barley, the Boxers. Emma slept in my lap under a quilt all the way home. I must say it has been a while since we have done that much physical labor, but it felt good the next day. Matt's girlfriend, Stephanie (did I tell you she is so sweet?) sent us home with a large bag of goodies: wine, snacks, OSU hat, shirt, OSU sweater for Emma and more.

I'm off to add the finishing touches to my landscape quilt.

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