March 3, 2009

Machine Quilting...The Thread I Love

As many of you know, I love to machine quilt! Here is one of my favorite threads to use. It's Mettler Fine Embroidery No. 60 wt. It is strong enough to do the job and thin enough to sort of melt into the fabric. It is cotton and comes in yummy colors. My Bernina loves it and she is very finicky with most threads. I use it in the bobbin if I have enough of one color, or I use size 50 cotton in the bobbin. If I don't have enough size 60 in a certain color I need, then I will use the Mettler no. 50 on the top which also comes in even more colors.

I have been working like crazy on some new designs that I can't post, yet. I'm also looking forward to QSDS in June. I am taking a 7 day Master class from Elizabeth Busch. Any one else going to QSDS? One of the nice bonuses is that it is in Columbus, Ohio where I use to live. I get to visit with my friends and our son who lives there.

I guess you saw on the news where we had snow here in the DC area. Funny how 8 inches or so can shut down the city. I didn't even bother to shovel it this time. The sun is out, but's still cold. I remember in Ohio when we didn't see the pavement for over 30 days at a time.

I am working on some more of my ladder series today. In my spare time or down time while watching TV, I am knitting. I just finished a bag to felt and am starting a cropped short-sleeve cardigan. Anyone else on As I said before, great inspiration and wonderful free patterns.

Emma is asleep dreaming sweet puppy dreams after a fun playtime of playing fetch with her toy. Taylor is sleeping in her basket dreaming of mice.

Please leave comments...I love to hear from you! : )


Susan Nash said...

You are so knowledgable about threads. I can never remember which way the numbers go...up for finer? Always have to look.
Mike and I got off the coast just in time!!
Can't wait to see you this summer.

Michelle said...

We didn't get quite as much snow as you did, but it still shut us down for a day! Great to hear what your up to and look forward to when you can share your new work. Enjoy your class!

Vivian said...

Susan, glad you made it back to home base before the snow hit! Still lots of school closings here! The thread: the higher the number, the finer the thread is what I have learned. Fun this summer!

Michelle, so good to hear from you! The creative muse landed here so I am taking advantage and trying to create more while she visits! :)

Cheryl L said...

I just love looking at what you're doing. I was just talking to my husband about putting up a design wall. I don't think mine will be as fancy as yours though---I'm just going to slap that flannel covered foam core board on the wall and call it done! Looking forward to you coming to town!