March 6, 2009

More Ladders...

WIPs...More Ladders to be

I have delayed, procrastinated, pondered and finally did it! I didn't know if I should continue my "Ladder Series" I started last year because I found out after I started the series( more here) that other people were doing the same series. I suddenly stopped because I didn't want anyone to think I copied the idea. But no, my Ladders came from my own creative muse. I was really amazed and a bit shocked when I first saw that others were doing the same thing. I think this may happen to lots of artists...they find that their idea is not unique. I think it sometimes discourages artists to continue with certain ideas but I had so many drawings already done and I felt I just had to get them into fabric. I wonder if the Creative Muse sometimes flutters by more than one artist giving them the same idea. I took the smart advice of a brilliant artist friend of mine who assured me it is OK to continue on these because it happens all the time in the art world...artists get the same ideas without even knowing or seeing what others are doing. So, I will get these done. This set of three (I seem to be stuck on sets of three lately...hmmm) will be mounted on stretched 4" x 12" canvas. As you see them now, they are not trimmed and I have just started the quilting. One of my first ladders (the black/white one below) had "paint chips" added as a color feature. I may leave these plain except for the quilting. I think it is the quilting that I love on these little pieces. The background is my hand dyed fabric. I also spent a day trying to get the correct colors I wanted to use. I finally threw out the color wheel chart and decided to go with my heart on this one. I love this color combination...sort of beachy. Who knows...I may embellish these with more "paint chips" of fabric or...oh, an idea just hit me in the head...more later.

I started the fun part...machine quilting

Ladder #1


Susan L Nash said...

I am SOOOOOOO glad you kept on this series!! They are awesome!! Your heart knows best. The colors are great.

Susan L Nash said...

ps---looks like a tryptych to me!