December 17, 2007

Silk Fusion

Silk Fusion I
Silk Fusion II
This weekend, my Art Theory Group met at The Artful Quilter in Centreville. We had a class on how to make silk fusion. Wow! So much fun and so many possibilities. We used hand-painted silk fibers, screening, textile medium, dish soap and water. I plan to incorporate these into some art quilts. The fibers separate with the dish soap/water solution and then fuse or meld together with the textile medium so you have one solid piece. My creative muse is really wanting to work at the moment, but I have to make some drapes for the guest room and finish shopping today. Maybe if I get all my work done, I can reward myself with some play time.


Vicki W said...

Those are really pretty pieces! I learned silk fusion from Sue Blieweiss at It's loads of fun and there are endless possibilities! I have not heard of The Artful Quilter before. I MUST get up there to visit it!

Susan said...

Merry Christmas!
Thank you so much for all the inspiration, beautiful artwork, and lovely comments during this past year. I hope your holiday season has been filled with laughter, family, and friends (and great pets, of course!) May the coming year be a productive adventure in stitching!

Vivian said...

Lovely, delicate pieces!

Vivian said...

Thanks, now I just have to find the right background fabric for the silk fusion.
I belong to Fibre & Stitch Yahoo group (just joined). They have a great magazine!
Susan, thank you for viewing my blog and giving me encouragement to keep creating! I appreciate your comments!

Vivian said...

Another Vivian? That's neat! Are you a quilter, too?