December 4, 2007


This is a new ATC that I made for the Wednesday Challenge for the Stampers Corner group at Yahoo. We were given an image to download and our challenge was to make something using the image. I made an ATC using Christmas card stock by Basic Grey. I used colored pencil to make her lips and the rose a bit more red like the holly berries on the paper. Every Wednesday we will have a new challenge. This is a great group if anyone wants to join...I have learned so many techniques from this group. Techniques you can also use on fabrics! Hooray!

I haven't posted in the last few days because I have been closely watching our little sick Boston Terrier. She had a bad "digestive"problem and after a visit to the vet and medication and a change in her food, she is much better. I was really scared for a few days as it occurred on the weekend. I felt like I did when our kids got sick as babies. (As I am writing this, she is running figure 8's in my studio and playing with her dog purse. ) It turns out that some canned food (Iams Puppy) that we used as a top dressing was the culprit of her digestive woes. Emma is so sweet! She was such a hit at the vet's office. The techs (and even doctors) came out to the reception area to play with her. We were the last appointment of the day so this was possible. One tech even laid on the floor to play with Emma. Something I found out at the visit...don't feed your puppy Beneful dog food by Purina...Emma's vet says it has lots of dyes in it and isn't healthy for your dog. They have to dye the food to make it look like peas and carrots. She is on a special diet right now to get her system regulated and then we will switch to a better food. Boston Terriers have a very sensitive digestive system. We used the Beneful because the breeder had fed it to her and sent some home with her. We always try to be so careful with Emma...every morning I wake up and see Emma is like Christmas morning to me. : ) Oh, and did I mention that she "acquired" her two new Christmas toys? I just had to give them to her now...just like when our kids use to get sick...I would go out and buy them toys and books to make them feel better. : )


Anonymous said... are SO talented!!
Hugs and prayers to you and sweet Emma.

Jeri said...

bless your heart, I'm glad Emma's getting better. I have a schnauzer mix that has a sensitive digestive system too - he can only eat one kind of Science Diet canned food. The things we will do for our furbabies! :)

Cindy Dean said...

My BT is a garbage gut. Although we feed her science diet for her regular food, she eats all kinds of people food! We call her hoover because she will eat anything that drops on the floor! I hope your sweet puppy feels better soon.

Vivian said...

Thanks, S :)

Emma is much better and still adorable even when she jumps up on me and tries to grab the phone when I'm talking.

Cindy, how old is your BT? She's sooo cute!