December 8, 2007

Wool Star Ornament Tutorial

Wool Star Ornament

Here is a little tutorial I whipped up so you can make this star. It's so easy and so much fun to make. It's a great project to put in a zip loc bag and take with you to work on during your lunch hour or while watching TV. Just be careful to keep all the buttons and beads away from little ones and that includes family pets. I am including the star pattern I drew, but you can easily trace any star or make your own. Please leave a comment if you like it. Enjoy!

My star measures about 5 1/2"

Cut out the paper star and pin to two layers of wool

Cut out the two layers. Now you have two wool stars.

Bling Time

Gather various buttons (nice if you have vintage ones) and beads to "try out" in the middle of the star. When you have the ones you want, then sew them on (stitching through only the top layer). Be sure to cluster the buttons (overlap) for a more dimensional look. I decided to use these light aqua colors because they remind me of the ocean. But use whatever color you want of beads and buttons. You could even add a charm.
At this point, it's all play and you can go crazy adding the bling.

After stitching the bling in the middle, pin the two layers together, lining up the edges. Don't worry if the edges aren't perfect, they will sort of meld together as you stitch. Choose a color of pearle cotton size 8. I like to keep it the same color as the wool.

Using a buttonhole stitch, start at the top and leave room to insert a ribbon for hanging. Stitch almost to the end, removing pins as you go. When you are almost done, lightly stuff the star with bits of batting. Don't make it too puffy! Less is more in this case. Finish stitching around the edges and insert a ribbon for hanging. Stitch the top closed. You are done!


Anonymous said...

Love it Vivi!!
Feels almost like I'm back at PD watching you create

Vivian said...

Thanks, S! Hugs to you!

Susan Lenz said...

This is a beautiful ornament and perfect instructions! Thanks for sharing.

Aurora said...

this is really nice and good tutorial--thanks!

Vivian said...

Thanks! I hope I can make more tutorials in the future. Glad you liked it!