December 6, 2007

Studio Cat & Snow

Hi! My name is Taylor and I love being a studio cat.

I know you probably have seen these pictures of Taylor already, but she is just so sweet and beautiful that I had to blog about her today. She must have been a model in her past life because she loves to pose for the camera. In the first picture, she is looking at a photo of our son with his puppy. (Taylor use to belong to Matt and then we adopted her). In the third picture, she is posing beside a thread painting I did of her. In case you haven't seen her make an art quilt, go here.

Thanks for those of you who asked about Emma...she is fine today. Yesterday was her first time to see snow! She loved it, jumped in it, wanted to roll in it, got a snow beard and chased the blowing snow. I had to make her come inside because it was cold (for Virginia)! Here is a picture of her:

Emma's first snow!

OK, I'll admit it...I adore my pets! They help me be more creative and they really love my least they say they do. : )


Faye said...

Go, Emma! We had light snow but not quite that much. Our now-deceased Lab used to love the
snow. Even at age 14 she tried to play in it. I love
your blog. Faye

Christine said...

Don't you love studio cats? I find it fascinating that so many textile and other creative people have feline companions. They must attract each other, after all cats are very non-conformist just like creative human minds, aren't they? I must get onto my other computer where the photos of my studio helper are stored and put them up on my blog today!

Pallas said...

Your Taylor looks like she could be the twin to my Tiger Lily. Lily is beautiful too with silky fur, and she also likes to help me sew as does her sister Licorice.


Cindy Dean said... are so right! Emma and Missy could be twins! I just love my BT. She has been the best dog I have ever had. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Stay tuned, cause you could be a winner tonight!

Vivian said...

The snow is gone, but Emma is now intrigued with the giant lighted snowman across the street! She's always looking over her shoulder at 6 AM in the morning as if it will come over and get her! LOL!

Vivian said...

Faye, our lab lived to be 14 also and loved the snow!

Cindy, I think Missy and Emma look so much alike! Both adorable! Our daughter has a BT that is brindle color.

Christine and pallas, I love studio cats! I use to shop at a quilt shop that had a cat...made it much nicer to shop.