November 11, 2008

Hat & New WIP

Whew! What a day. Yesterday, in the middle of finishing the first of my ladder series, I ran out of black thread. You would think any black thread would do, but no, of all the many spools I own, it all looked grey compared to the #105 Mettler silk finish 50/3 cotton thread that I had used. So, being so late in the day, I couldn't just get up and run to JoAnn's to get more thread. Not here in the DC area. For one thing, we don't have a JoAnn's Etc....only the regular JoAnn's who mostly store fabric and trashy things on the floor. This area is so large that you would think they would open a JoAnn's Etc. Instead, I put my project away until I could go to G-Street fabric today for the thread. So, I knitted last night and finished this wool/acrylic hat for a surprise for someone having a birthday this week. This is my first hand knit hat, ever! First time to knit in a circle using circular needles and double pointed needles. I really like using the double pointed needles...there are 4 needles going at a time...amazing to me that I can keep them straight. Really, if you knew how klutzy I am, you would know it is a feat.
Back to the thread...When I do get out in the traffic, I like to make a day of it and run all my errands, so that is what I did today. I went to Target for supplies, got gas for the car and dropped off cleaning at the cleaners. I was tired when I finally made it home. Actually, if I time it correctly, the traffic isn't too bad...usually. But it does make me miss Ohio where I could run to JoAnn's for thread and run back home and back again if I wanted without delays. But, good news is, I get more art accomplished here in VA. The piece on the machine above is being machine quilted. (Emma has to jump in my chair whenever I get out of it). I will hopefully finish the piece tonight to post tomorrow and tell you how it came about. Ever have one of those designs you just had to make to get it out of your thoughts? Well, this is one. That's why I started it as soon as I got home today.
Paula, I see the man fishing too! Thanks for your comments! Susan, I will post my version of that pattern or email it to you. What's the scarf like that you are knitting? Cheryl, a sweater! That is one of my goals, too. I'm off to make veggie soup for dinner (cornbread, too...yum).

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